Frequently Asked Questions

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These are questions I’m asked so often, and I’m sure anyone who doesn’t ask it still wonders at some point! The idea of something malfunctioning and resulting in lost images is something I take very seriously, and I’ve taken extreme care to make sure it won’t ever happen.

First, any camera I use MUST have 2 card slots, meaning that any photo I take, I’m automatically recording to two cards. It means I automatically have a backup right from the get-go.

Second, I always shoot weddings with 2 cameras. Always. The main reason I do this is so I don’t have to change lenses during fast-paced parts of the day, but it also means that if a camera body stops working for whatever reason, I have a backup on hand!

Third, when it comes to backing up images, I like to make sure I have lots of backups. I automatically back all the images up to two separate hard drives as well as online, so they are aways in three places minimum.

I photographed my first wedding in 2006 and officially launched my business in 2007. I’ve been to a few weddings 🙂

I have learned a lot over the many weddings I’ve photographed, and one of the biggest things I’ve learned is that communication with my brides and grooms is super important!

I send out a questionnaire in the weeks before the wedding, and one of the questions on there asks about tricky family situations. There is ALWAYS a way to work them out, and we will talk it out and make whatever game plan is necessary to keep everyone happy.

If you’re getting married in the Kamloops area, chances are pretty good that the answer to that is YES, although there are still venues I haven’t photographed. That said, every wedding is new and fresh and different, so if we can arrange it, I’d be more than happy to meet you out there to check out a few locations for photos. Everyone has their own vision for their photos, and two weddings in one location can produce completely different sets of photos.

If I’m traveling out of town for your wedding, I’ll plan to arrive early enough the day before to do the same thing! Often there is a lot going on the day before the wedding, if you have too many things to do, I’m more than happy to roam around on my own.

Whether or not I’ve been to your venue before, know that I will be familiar with it before your wedding!!

100% yes I can!!! I honestly feel photogenic-ness is largely based on just how comfortable a person feels with a camera pointed at them.

Feedback I hear from my couples ALL THE TIME is that I make them fee so comfortable during the shoot, that they actually had fun, and that they can’t believe how good they look.

I will do that for you too!

Oh, absolutely, yes! What you see, both online and in the albums I’ll bring when we meet, is exactly my photographic style and vision. This is one of the reasons I blog… my portfolio is a showcase of some of my favorite images, and my blog is a more detailed view of what a wedding day looks like through my artistic vision. I’d be more than happy to send you links to a couple full wedding galleries as well, so you can see everything!

I would describe my style as light, elegant and soulful. My images reflect my love of clean composition and beautiful light. I play with contrasty imagery a bit (dark shadows) but I really do love light and airy photographs.

My very favourite things to capture are these:
1. the beauty I see in Every. Single. Bride. YOU are beautiful and I can’t wait to show you just how beautiful you are through my photos!!

2.the expressions and moments that speak to you about the relationship between the couple. I say I’m a sucker for romance, and I’m not lying when I say that, lol.

My photography style at a wedding is mostly journalistic, watching for those moments that tell little pieces of your wedding story. My goal at the end of the day is to give you a collection of images that reminds you about the emotion and the moments and the story of your day, who was there, who was an animal on the dance floor, who made you cry with their speeches, and the incredible joy and love that was woven through your whole day.

I also love love love portraits though, and always make it a priority to make sure we take beautiful photos of you with your families and your bridal party. I also always make some time to steal you two away for a little portrait session as well.

Yes, please, and thank you! I make sure to bring water and food for lunch, but myself and my assistant are able to work on a higher level for longer if we’ve been given dinner. The requirement for dinner is in the contract… we’re pretty dang hungry for a good meal by that time!!

I would love to discuss rates with you! It’s hard to give exact numbers since I have different pricing depending on how much coverage you need and for weddings that require travel.

The best way to view at my pricing is by clicking on the CONTACT ME button and emailing me some details about your plans! If I am available on your date, I would be more than happy to email you my rates for your location, as well as chat about putting together a custom package that suits exactly what your wedding requires.

Wedding collections start at $3600.

There are wonderful photographers in the area who do great work.  When you look a little closer you will see the little things that make us all different.   I have a way of seeing things that is uniquely my own.  My life experiences have shaped how I see a wedding day unfolding in front of me, what details I notice and how I capture things.  I have learned to anticipate a moment before it happens, then be still and wait for it.

I am unobtrusive and pretty unflappable, so if the day gets stressful, I am able to be a calming influence.  With the exception of family formals and the bridal party photos, I am in the background, documenting real moments as they happen.   I do everything I can to melt into the background, letting the day continue to be all about you!!  If I see stress building I do what I can to bring things back down, whether that means offering up the sewing kit I always have on hand, giving a hungry groom a power bar, or reassuring the bride that her day is going to be amazing even if it keeps raining.

I do what I can to keep the day on time, stress-free, and fun!  You will see me smiling, offering posing tips, and fixing the fine details on your dress and hair.

I’ve learned a lot about the psychology of people on the wedding day and use that to make everyone as comfortable and happy as possible.  As an example, I know that the groomsmen really just want to get to the party, so I won’t keep them in front of my camera for any longer than necessary.  I also know that grandparents fade quickly, especially on a hot afternoon, so they are the first to be photographed during the family formals.

Also, I am not just your wedding photographer.  I know that while I’ve shot many weddings, this is all new to you, and I’m happy to offer advice on other parts of your day.  Have questions about the timeline?   Not sure who to hire for your hair and makeup? I’m happy to help!

I’m getting questions about challenging light more and more often these days, as people are starting to realize that knowing how to work in the dark (or even in extreme sun, for that matter) is not easy to do well.

Having the right equipment that can work effectively in tough lighting situations is important, but unless your photographer knows how to use it properly, your wedding images will still be mediocre at best.

I have spent a lot of time mastering the craft and art of lighting, and I’ve worked in a lot of dark reception venues, inside and outdoors, so you can rest easy knowing that no matter where your reception is or how it is lit, if you hire me it will be beautifully photographed! Of course, I DO have all the equipment necessary to photograph in any lighting situation!

The benefit for you is beautiful images in ANY lighting situation!

Yes!  I love an adventure!  Check out my destination weddings in the portfolio to see where I’ve been recently, and contact me for more information.

Oh, my goodness, yes!!!   I absolutely love discovering new places with and photographing couples in them!  I love them so much I’m actually considering change the name to “Adventure Sessions”.  While there may be some travel costs involved, the sky is literally the limit with these, so hit me up!!!!

In over a decade of photographing weddings, I haven’t missed a single wedding (knock on wood).  I take my job as your wedding photographer very seriously and would never even consider “calling in sick” unless it was dire, and the situation would have to be severe for me to have to miss a wedding!!  That said, if something DID come up, I have a pretty great group of fellow photographers whom I know would step in and help.  And I would do (and have done) the same for them.  Basically, I would do everything in my power to make sure you were covered!

Absolutely!  In fact, I prefer it that way!  I have a studio in downtown Kamloops, so if you’re in the area I would LOVE to set up a time for you to swing by for coffee, or a glass of wine, simply to talk more about your wedding plans, and what you are looking for as far as wedding photography goes.

Choosing your photographer is a big decision, they will be with you pretty much the whole wedding day, interacting with your guests, and are generally pretty involved with planning the timeline, so finding the right one for you is pretty important.

Photography styles vary so it’s a good idea to make sure your vision lines up with how your photographer shoots.

That’s fantastic!!  The next step is to EMAIL ME and let me know your date so I can check my availability.  Once we find the best wedding collection for you I’ll send you a contract to sign and info on how to pay the retainer.  I can’t hold the date for you without both the contract and the retainer, but once both of those are completed the date is yours!!!

I can’t wait to work with you!!

Lisa Novakowski 250.320.4213

Based in Kamloops BC, Canada. Available worldwide.