So many things I love about weddings!!!

…here are just a few…

In trying to put into words what it is I love about weddings, and why it is that after over a decade I still love shooting them, I realized it would be easier to just SHOW you.  These photos showcase just a few of the reasons I love weddings…


This wedding forever changed how I feel about rain on a wedding day.  It literally rained all day, non stop. I spent time the day before looking for places to photograph the couple on the beautiful grounds without them getting wet. A plan and a trunk full of clear umbrellas and we were good to go!! And, honestly, their wedding was stunning. Soft, intimate and romantic.  It was amazing, THEY were amazing, and the photos turned out spectacularly!  Some planning and a bit of lighting know-how goes a long way in taking rain from drab to dazzling!!!


When Mike’s gifts to his groomsmen included cigars that they decided must be enjoyed on the wedding day, I knew what I wanted to create for them, so I asked them to wait until dark before lighting up. Being awesome, they agreed to wait!  The reception was downtown and we had a fantastic alley to work in, which added just the right ambience to the image. I love love this photo!  Experimenting with light is just so much fun!!


Seriously, I have the best brides!!  They will climb in boats, hike rock faces, 4×4 up mountain sides and brave the rain or, in this case, the snow.  This New Year’s Eve wedding had everything from a few random flakes to a full on snowstorm,  and Sarah was amazing though all of it… that gorgeous fur stole from her Grandma and an umbrella and she was good to go.  Like I said, THE BEST!!


I live in a land of four seasons, and the past few years winter has graced us with an abundance of snow. To be completely honest, I’m not winter’s biggest fan, I’d way rather live my life in perpetual spring or fall, BUT I am in love with shooting in the falling snow.  There’s nothing quite like the romance of gently twirling snowflakes and snow covered landscapes, especially when brave couples (see above photo) are willing to go out in it.  This photo….. seriously!!  You can’t tell how cold these two are… they are embracing the moment, and looking ridiculously fantastic doing it.  One of my favourite things!


When we think of weddings, it’s the grand moments that instantly come to mind, but there are so many (SO MANY) beautiful moments one that tell the story of a wedding day.

Quiet moments like this one, where the groom is reading a love letter from his bride-to-be shortly before the ceremony…


and hilarious moments like this one… moments that I need to be ready for because they’re over in seconds.


These two beautiful women went through quite the set of circumstances to get out on the water during their photos. Coming from BC’s Fraser Valley to Merritt added to the challenge. They were determined, though, and in the end we had this incredible vintage rowboat to work with. There was a wind blowing across the lake and the girls really didn’t have much control over the boat.  Still they adventured out on the water (anything for the picture, right?) and at one point I had to wade out there to rescue them.  Hunter Boots and extra clothes saved my butt that day… they’re always in my car if I think getting into the water will be part of my day!


New locations make me happy!!  So does incredible golden hour sunlight. And kudos to couples who trust me to find amazing places for their engagement sessions! Seriously. We were expecting rain on this evening, but while it rained around us, it didn’t rain on us, and the clouds were just far enough above the horizon for the sun to peek through for about 10 minutes dipping behind the hills. So amazing!!


I am a hopeless romantic.  And I’m okay with that.

First Dances are sometimes romantic, sometimes emotional, sometimes epic… I love to find new ways to showcase the emotions.  Can you feel the feels in THIS first dance?  The romance of burning candles was a perfect complement to a moment where you can tell the rest of the world has fallen away for these two.


I do love epic, sweeping landscapes, and I LOVE putting people into the scene.  These cliffs overlooking Okangan Lake in Penticton are stunning, especially at sunset.


Shooting through things has kind of become a trademark of my wedding photography. If I can shoot through it, I will!   This wedding in Kamloops was at a popular venue, the outdoor area is small enough that the light can be tricky and photos tend to look kind of the same.  Shooting through the water worked with the light, making the photo so soft and romantic. And I LOVE the light in this image so much!  ….sigh….


I have little things in my camera bag to shoot through too.  Little tricks like this can totally change an image… so fun to experiment with new techniques!!


Okay, I’m a TOTAL sucker for wedding gowns that flow and move like this one!  A bit of a breeze and a twirl by the bride and magic happens.  Lace…. chiffon…. so many layers of flowing material… amazing!!


Sometimes everything comes together perfectly, and I feel that being prepared helps this happen more often!  This wedding venue was new to me so I spent some time scouting the scene to find the perfect spot to put this couple and the awesome car.  The most amazing light filtered through the trees just before sunset so we snuck away from the reception and took advantage of the incredible light, the gorgeous vintage car and the stunning couple.  It was perfection!!


This photo is a perfect example of the little stories that contribute to the overall story of the day.

This young man wasn’t super thrilled at the reception.  He was bored.  He was restless. Until, that is, someone gave him a camera.  Suddenly, he had a mission. And he was ALL IN.   He shadowed me through all the speeches, literally stuck to me, watched what I was doing and did it.  So stinking cute. He sure brought his A-game, lol.


An awesome “side effect” of shooting weddings for so long is that I don’t have to think about the technical side of shooting. Instead I can focus on the artistic side of things… like this image.  Shot at a reception hall with huge windows, this image captures both the reflection of the reception and the pretty evening view outside.  I love that it takes a minute to figure out how images like this happened.


I love Vancouver.  I love visiting Vancouver.  And I super love shooting in Vancouver.  What a beautiful city!!  Whether you are in this city or another, I am more than happy to meet you in your home city to photograph you!!


We have the most incredibly talented wedding decorators here in Kamloops and the Okanagan.  And I mean mind blowing talent.  Reception rooms and ceremony locations that take my breath away…. love love love!!  Seeing the look on a bride’s face when she sees her vision come to life is amazing!!


Rings are so pretty.  Big rings. Small rings.  Diamonds and rubies and a sapphires.  All of them… so great to photograph too!!!  If you’ve followed my work for awhile you know I can’t have a “my favourite things” list without at least one macro shot of a ring!


I rave about light a lot.  Like, a LOT.  I suppose it’s probably a thing with most photographers but I’m seriously sidelined by incredible light And light light this… light that just drenches a scene in it’s beautiful golden glow is my absolute favourite.


The last few years I’ve been talking with my couples about taking a few minutes after dark to do some night portraits.  The results can be quite spectacular, like this image.  We have some incredible sunsets, we should take advantage of them!!


Sometimes the spot with the view that the couple most wants to have their photos taken at is, well, a wee bit windy.  But oh my gosh, look how amazing this bride’s hair looks.  There’s an epic romance to this image that just wouldn’t be there without that gorgeous mane of windswept hair.


Canada’s central and east coast regions have the most spectacular autumn colours. I like to think BC has pretty amazing fall displays, but we have nothing on the east. When these two asked me to travel into the Muskokas for their fall wedding I was ALL over it!!!  It was incredible!!

My travel bucket list is ridiculously long, and I’m slowly but surely getting to some of the places on it!


A wedding at a Sandals resort in Jamaica sounds pretty amazing.  And it WAS!  So beautiful and relaxed and sunny, complete with a sunset catamaran ride and dinner under the stars.  Yep, epic.  I brought my hubby along and we spent a few days after the wedding sipping Mojitos under the cabana. The perfect way to relax after work!


Have I mentioned that I love to travel?  I met these two at a wedding in BC, and when they asked me to come to Australia to photograph their wedding it was an instant yes!  A wedding at a turn of the century winery followed by a Rock the Frock in the ocean, liberally sprinkled with visiting and getting to know new friends. …amazing!!

Are you eloping or having a destination wedding?? We should talk!

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