Commercial Branding Photography

What is it anyways?

I call it “Visual Branding”

Visual Branding goes beyond just having a headshot and a few stock photos for your site.
It goes deeper… by creating personalized images that tell your audience

Why you need it for Your Business

Your business has a story.
A voice.
A uniqueness that makes it stand out from your competitors.

How can you tell your story online?

How, with all the internet noise,  do you create a buzz that causes people to stop and notice you?

Images with a clear message elevate your brand.
They help you stand out from the crowd.
They get you noticed, starting conversations about you and your business.

Whether you are working on establishing a new company or revamping an existing brand, beautiful photos will help introduce your company to your market.

Marketing today works to promote experiences, rather than products. We will work together to create editorial images that show your market how amazing their experience with you will be.

Cascades Casino Kamloops

Commercial Branding Photography

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Sona MD

Commercial Branding Photography

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Visual Branding and your Website

The images on your website, from your head shot and product images to the photos of your space and the behind the scenes moments… all work together to build a visual identity that solidifies your brand and tells the viewer who you are.

Does your target market have sense of who you are through your website?

Branding is becoming more and more about maximizing your online presence through building relationships and growing trust. Going hand in hand with the rest of your branding, photos bring you and your audience almost face to face.

Unique, authentic images begin to bridge the gap between your business and your online presence.

Visual Branding and Social Media

Social media is the biggest marketing tool we have today, and it demands great photography.

The internet is saturated with impersonal, stock photos. Personalized images stand out in a sea of sameness, helping your company stand out.

Creating unique, personalized visual content helps keep you top of mind and ahead of the game.

Behind-the-scenes images of your business in operation, doing what you do every day, are perfect for your social media marketing… whether it’s for blogging, facebook, Instagram, or your email newsletter. Full of personality, these images show your market who you are.

First Comes Love

Commercial Branding Photography

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