There are wonderful photographers in the area who do great work.  When you look a little closer you will see the little things that make us all different.   I have a way of seeing things that is uniquely my own.  My life experiences have shaped how I see a wedding day unfolding in front of me, what details I notice and how I capture things.  I have learned to anticipate a moment before it happens, then be still and wait for it.

I am unobtrusive and pretty unflappable, so if the day gets stressful, I am able to be a calming influence.  With the exception of family formals and the bridal party photos, I am in the background, documenting real moments as they happen.   I do everything I can to melt into the background, letting the day continue to be all about you!!  If I see stress building I do what I can to bring things back down, whether that means offering up the sewing kit I always have on hand, giving a hungry groom a power bar, or reassuring the bride that her day is going to be amazing even if it keeps raining.

I do what I can to keep the day on time, stress-free, and fun!  You will see me smiling, offering posing tips, and fixing the fine details on your dress and hair.

I’ve learned a lot about the psychology of people on the wedding day and use that to make everyone as comfortable and happy as possible.  As an example, I know that the groomsmen really just want to get to the party, so I won’t keep them in front of my camera for any longer than necessary.  I also know that grandparents fade quickly, especially on a hot afternoon, so they are the first to be photographed during the family formals.

Also, I am not just your wedding photographer.  I know that while I’ve shot many weddings, this is all new to you, and I’m happy to offer advice on other parts of your day.  Have questions about the timeline?   Not sure who to hire for your hair and makeup? I’m happy to help!