Adventure Awaits!!!  Have you heard that before??  It’s a phrase that runs through my mind every time I’m off to photograph a family session. Adventure truly does “await” when it comes to photographing kids, and I never know what’s going to happen, what they’re going to say or, really, how the photoshoot is going to go.

I’ve photographed this lovely family a few times, so I do know that we will be adventuring for SURE and that it’s going to be fun and highly entertaining!!!!  These guys live in the oh so lovely town of Summerland, in the heart of the Okanagan, so it only made sense to have the session there.  I do love to road trip always, and, really, any reason to have to get out on a sunny day is one I’ll jump on in a hot second. This particular beautiful, sunshine filled morning found us meandering up Cartwright Mountain in Summerland. We explored the trails and the hilltops overlooking downtown.  SO beautiful!!  The kids ran and explored and ate treats and sat still for mere seconds at a time (isn’t that the way with toddlers???) and we had a grand time.  I mean, there were flower crowns…. kinda like icing on cake, you know?  These guys have become friends over the years, so it’s always so amazing to have an excuse to head out their way for a visit 🙂

This may sound weird to some of you, but there is something about chasing around after littles that I just absolutely love.  Love!!  When I photograph a family, I am looking for so much more than a posed, smiling moment.  I am looking for all those beautiful moments in between.  Like the photo below… Hayden worked hard to conquer that rock  and she paused for just a split second at the top to make sure I saw her get there.  Or the moment Nathan decided it was the perfect time to pick in his nose (look for it, it’s there, haha). Tickle moments.  Tender moments.  Happy moments and temper tantrums.  Snotty noses and belly laughs. That boundless energy and the slight chaos that always follows in their wake.  Capturing all that energy and personality is a great joy for me.  When my clients look at a photo and say “OH, wow, that is SO <insert name here> I know I’ve nailed it. And man, toddlerhood years are so short and over so fast, even though while you’re in them they can feel like forever! As a mom with older teens I know only too well how fast these moments become memories, and I tell ya, it all happens WAY TOO FAST!!  So my photography documents it all.  The beautiful and the messy.  If your kiddo pitches a fit and it’s not too obnoxious of me to get in there, I’ll probably take a photo. One of these days you’ll find it funny, I promise!  And from it all, you have a beautiful story in photos to keep and remember and cherish as the years pass (and they do).

Anyways, this blog post documents one morning in the life of just one family. Just one morning. Just one adventure. Enjoy.

What adventures do you go on?  I’d love to document those for you!!!   xo

I am based in Kamloops BC.  I have been a photographer here for over a decade, exploring the area with families and wedding couples.  Spring is coming, are you ready to document your own family’s journey with a casual, lifestyle photo session?  

What adventures do you go on?  I’d love to hear from you and we can chat about documenting those for you!!!   xo