Emma & Adrian’s wedding took place at The Stones of the Yarra Valley in Victoria, Australia was the setting, and it was a stunning, stunning day!  Emma was radiant and Adrian smitten.

Here, in their words, and my photos, is the story of their day…

Favorite moments of the day…

Telling dad at the chapel door there was a piper.
Seeing Adrians face as i walked down the aisle as he kept saying wow… wow… wow…. you look amazing!
Saying the words I DO
Getting into the bathtub while getting ready in the morning…
The laughs with the girls trying to keep me calm in the morning
Driving to Stones in the car with mum and dad
Taking it all in
Giggling during the vows
The photos with the bridal party
The boys and girls picking me up and liz nearly dropping me!
Our first dance and the cuddles…
Entering the room and the high fives when we all got announced
The dancing as much as we could
The farewell arch that we made last forever
The car ride home
The bridal party and friends arriving home after the reception
Wow… too many memories.. i could really keep going.

Where to start… enjoying breakfast with the boys
Photos getting ready
Watching as the chapel slowly filled as all the guests arrived
The piper
Seeing Emma at the chapel entrance and being blown away by how beautiful she looked
Our first kiss and first dance
Having the barn filled with 141 of our favorite family and friends enjoying the night with us
After reception drinks back at our house
The BBQ the next day and being able to relive the whole day

Best wedding related decisions…
Having Lisa as our photographer 🙂 NO JOKE
The piper
Choosing JANE HILL to make my dream dress
Having Angie complete the perfect touches to our wedding
Our amazing matching stationary from Effemia
Having the ceremony and Reception at the same venue

Favorite details…
The chopping boards and tomato relish
Our front table with all our old family wedding pictures- highlighting our previous generations of weddings

Advice for future couples…
Make your day about who you are as a couple.
Smile, Breath, Enjoy. take 5 mins out just for the two of you!
Try and take as much of it in as you can because the day will just fly by.
Have lists for the week leading up to your wedding because slowly you just start forgetting things if they are not written down.
Enjoy the whole day, take a minute at every opportunity to enjoy and relax in the morning because come the afternoon its full speed
Have your photographer and videographer stay the whole night its amazing the photos/footage you can get from the dance floor.

Wedding Songs…
At Last: Beyonce
Feel so Close: Calvin Harris
Burn your Name: Powderfinger
Making memories of Us: Keith Urban

Would you change anything if you could do it all over again?
Make the reception longer to spend more time on the dance floor.


Venue: Stones of the Yarra Valley

Lodging/Preparations:  Healesville Garden

Dress:  Jane Hill

Hair + Makeup:  Embellish Makeovers

Cake:  Special Treats by Carolyn

Florist:  Flower Jar

Videographer:  Aaron Bickford

Band:  Baker Boys Band

Caterer:  Stones of the Yarra Valley