This view…. this place…. this couple…. kinda leaves me speechless, actually.  These two adventure loving souls asked if we could go to one of their favourite places for their engagement session,  and I said “HECK, yeah!!!”  I love an adventure, and finding new, beautiful places, especially when they have sentimental value to my clients, is something I’m always ready to do.  As much as I was looking forward to this session, I really had no idea how spectacular the view was going to be, and it was incredible.

Even the hike up to the top was amazing, little pools of my favourite, golden evening sunshine found their way through the canopy of trees and we took time to stop and make good use of them.  We literally chased the setting sun up to the top, and then suddenly found ourselves flooded with sunshine and the valley below came into view.

Junipers grow wild along some of the edges of the lookout, while others were bare rock outcroppings, falling away to a sheer drop to the valley floor. Tall, moss covered pines cluster on the hillside, all of it glowing in the golden light   This lookout opens to views literally for miles, and into the setting sun for extra good measure. I wasn’t kidding when I said incredible!

Sam and Mike couldn’t have chosen a better suited location for the photos, and they were happy to snuggle into the moments as we went along, almost (I think) forgetting I was even there, which is my favourite 🙂 We had so much fun meandering up there until the sun set and the chill of the evening convinced us it was time to leave.  You guys, thanks again for an amazing time!!!