Finding the right photographer

I wanted to share a story with you about how finding the right photographer can make all the difference in your photos. You know how sometimes you cross paths with someone who you’re sure is a great human being, but you just didn’t gel together at all?  But And on the other hand, sometimes you meet someone and you know immediately you’re basically kindred spirits?  Finding the right photographer for YOU can be kinda like that.

Paetyn – Studio Portrait Session

  I have worked with many young models for portrait sessions, but working with Paetyn was like none other – this girl is full of life, energy, and sass! Having recently been signed to a Kelowna modelling agency, Paetyn came to me in need of some new...

Stewart Family

Editorial family session in a Pioneer Park, Kamloops BC. The evening was drenched in golden hour sunshine, lush greenery and sandy rivershore beaches. Lisa Novak, documenting the life you live.

Harper Mountain family session

A gorgeous family session at Harper Mountain in Kamloops, BC, chasing the golden hour sunshine around the property.  Sometimes I wish I had someone photographing behind the scenes for me, we laughed a LOT in between shots, it was the best way to spend an evening with friends. Lisa Novak… documenting the life you live.