Kamloops Portrait Photographer for Couples

Six reasons why it’s so important to book a couples portrait session and why you will be SO thankful down the road that you made the decision to spend some time in front of the camera with your favorite person.  
This studio session combines epic portraits with romantic, candid moments, the perfect blend.

Kamloops Tween Birthday Party

Planning a cool birthday party for your tween can be difficult at the best of times… and with the curve ball of covid it’s even more daunting right now. Photoshoot birthday parties are new to the Kamloops area, so If you’re looking for something really fun and a bit out of the ordinary, a vogue style photoshoot birthday party might be just the ticket!!

Finding the right photographer

I wanted to share a story with you about how finding the right photographer can make all the difference in your photos. You know how sometimes you cross paths with someone who you’re sure is a great human being, but you just didn’t gel together at all?  But And on the other hand, sometimes you meet someone and you know immediately you’re basically kindred spirits?  Finding the right photographer for YOU can be kinda like that.