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I define my style of portrait sessions as “Fashion Magazine Style, Modern & Personality Driven”.

Think magazine cover. Think Vogue.

Modern portrait sessions are a celebration of you, and of your life, an experience where every minute is meant to make you look and feel incredible in your own skin.

It all begins with a conversation about what makes you feel beautiful. What wardrobe would you love? Those glamorous party dresses hanging in your closet? Or an every-day lifestyle feel? They can be as fashion forward or as natural as you like.

During your consultation session we will work together to come up a session that reflects you. Whether it’s a full magazine style studio session, environmental portraits in a natural setting or a classic Old-Hollywood shoot with portraits in black and white. Together we will design a session that suit you best.

And it’s going to be AMAZING!




See yourself the way your

loved ones see you.




You are a daughter.  A sister.  A mother.  A grandmother.

You are a wife.  A friend.  A hardworking & bad-ass business woman.

You are loved so much by the people in your life, and they see your incredible heart, the light in your eyes, that beautiful face you’re so quick to find fault with.

You are loved. SO loved.

When was the last time you did something really special for YOURSELF?

 I’m on a mission to empower women who have been busy empowering others for most of their lives.

One mother, sister, daughter, friend… one woman at a time.


Kamloops headshot photographer for entrepreneurs and business women
Kamloops headshot photographer for entrepreneurs and business women




“And one day she discovered
that she was fierce,
and strong, and full of fire,
and that not even she
could hold herself back
because her passion burned
brighter than her fears.”

Mark Anthony


 We are all on this journey, aren’t we?  The journey to discover our fullest potential, to be brave and to walk beyond our fears and into all the dreams we have been holding inside, the things we want to do but maybe are afraid we can’t.

 I’ve been a professional photographer for well over a decade, photographing women who are brides, expectant moms, new moms, seasoned moms, grandmothers and business women. I’m always struck by the beauty every single woman has, and also astounded that it’s so rare for her to see it in herself.  

Why?  Why have we let someone else determine our value and our perception of beauty?

When I help a woman begin to see beauty in herself during session, when I see her start to own her space and walk with confidence it SETS MY SOUL ON FIRE!

Because when we start to own our own unique and amazing beautiful selves, confidence grows, and it changes everything.  We beome unstoppable.  You actually can be anything, and do anything… the only thing holding you back is the limits your fear places on you.

My deepest passion in portrait photography, the core mission behind why I do portraiture, is to help every woman who I have the pleasure to photograph to take steps to becoming unstoppable.  

Are you ready to discover your fierce self?  I would LOVE to share this experience with you through your own portrait session!


Why I love portrait photography

It’s pretty rare that I get someone in front of my camera who thinks they’re photogenic.  Most of us, in fact, are pretty sure we’re totally NOT.  It’s my belief that “photogenic” isn’t something you’re born with, rather, it’s in the posing AND in the level of confidence.    Over and over again, I photograph someone who says they’ve never had a good photo, and together we create something they love.

TRULY.  When you’re in the headspace that you feel awkward and unattractive your body language is tense and your tension is allllll over your face.  It is SO FUN for me to spend time with my subject getting beyond the initial fear and awkwardness to the inner beautiful and confident human hides behind the fear.  Bringing that out in my subject fills my heart, and is why I photograph portraits and why I LOVE it so much!!!

The heart of contemporary portrait photography, for me, is the desire to remind women how beautiful they are. And not just on the outside either, but that amazing inner light that shines through when a woman lets her guard down in front of my camera, revealing her true self and her beautiful soul. Watching someone begin to unfold in in the studio, owning her space, and maybe even allowing herself to say “I AM beautiful, dang it!!!!” in the process, is an incredible transformation to watch, and it brings me the greatest joy to give that gift.

Lisa Novak – Owner/Founder

Modern Portrait Photography

Hey there, I’m Lisa, and I’d love to photograph you!!

While I work mostly out of my studio in downtown Kamloops, in the heart of British Columbia,  I love to travel so hit me up, no matter where you are!!

A fine art portait session is an experience. Something every woman needs to embrace at least once in her life. From the wardrobe styling consult, to getting your hair and makeup done before shoot to the experiance of being photographed in my studio… all of it is designed to create an amazing experience of confidence building, ownership of your very own beautiful self, and also the creation of a legacy in gorgeous portraits for you, both now and for future generations. 

Contact me today and we’ll start the conversation about creating a fun and probably life changing  photo shoot experience for you!  – Lisa


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