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Personal Branding goes beyond a standard headshot.

It goes deeper, creating beautiful, personalized images that tell your audience
Lisa Novak

Kamloops photographer with a studio

Building a brand is the best way to show your audience what you know and why you know it.
It will help set you apart from others in your field who haven’t taken the time to build their own personal brand.

portrait session social media influencer Okanagan

Why is Personal Branding so Important?

It’s more difficult for brands to thrive without clear imagery – it engages your audience and helps build trust.
Seeing a page with professional, on brand images, helps your followers trust you and your opinions.

portrait session social media influencer Okanagan

Set Yourself Apart

In an internet-driven world of commerce where first impressions are often made when a potential client lands on your website, it’s more important than ever to have high quality, attention grabbing photos that tell your audience who you are.

Attract Your Ideal client

And who you are is unique… how you do business, how you serve your customers, WHY you serve them the way you do, your expertise, your personality. All of that is yours alone, no one else can do what you do, the way you do it. Personalized photos can help your audience see, at a glance, why you’re the best choice.

Level Up Your Brand

Great photography that reflects your brand and your online voice helps your viewers understand who you are and will improve engagement. Images that authentically showcase who you are and what you do will bring you your ideal clients and followers to you.

Showing up With Confidence

With all the social media platforms out there, there is more opportunity than ever to be seen online.

Along with the opportunity though, comes the pressure to have great visual content and to deliver a consistent, visually compelling, brand story.

Together we will create a collection of beautiful images that tell a cohesive story about you… the WHO, WHAT and WHY of your business!

When you’re passionate about what you do it shows!

It’s in your dedication to your craft, your desire to give the very best product or service to your customers, and your passion for creating the best experience for them.

It’s in the way your face lights up when you talk about what you have to offer because you believe in it with your whole heart!

Feeling stuck with how to get that across in your online presence?
That’s where Personal Branding Photography comes in. THE Process

I love meeting fellow entrepreneurs and getting to know them, so for me the obvious place to start is by meeting and doing exactly that!!

Whether we meet in my studio or via zoom, we’ll get together for a visual branding strategy session to get clear on who your ideal client is, who you are, where you’ll be using the photos and what you want your branding message to say.

Together we’ll plan a custom session to create the “look” you’re going for – everything from locations to wardrobe and props.If you have specific branding colors already figured out we will build around those to keep the brand cohesive.

Putting together a custom photo shoot is like putting together a killer outfit, and I’m totally happy to be there to help every step of the way, right down to reviewing outfit choices and prop options (even if you need to text me photos from the dressing room)!

Personal Branding Packages start at $695

packages include

In Person Style and Branding Consultation
Wardrobe & Style Guide
Personal Branding Session
Retouched Digital Images

Ready? Drop me a line and we'll get things rolling!!


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Based in Kamloops, BC, Canada.  Available worldwide.