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Headshots and Personal Branding

I have been a headshot photographer in Kamloops since 2012, specializing in headshots for business people, including realtors, mortgage brokers, bankers, business owners and enterpreneurs.  My goal has always been to bring out as much personality as possible in every headshot, and I quickly found that while you can do that to some extent in a classic headshot, there was SO MUCH MORE STORY to be told than a headshot had to offer.

There is absolutely the need for a great headshot, though, and I love working with my clients to achieve the best headshots they’ve ever had!!

Personal Brand stories

When I moved to Kamloops in 2009 I knew exactly 3 people here.  I learned quickly how important authentic relationships are in this amazing community, both personally and in business.  Having to build my business from the ground up was a lot of hard work and time, so I know and understand 100000000% the benefits of a strong brand message and the importance of sending the RIGHT message to your online audience.

I enjoy talking to people and learning more about their stories, and one thing I have heard over and over again is how hard it is to be seen and heard on the internet and on social media, and how difficult it can be to stand out and create a compelling brand.  I started experimenting with Personal Brand photography and fell in love with it.

Personal Branding images start with a great headshot for sure, but go so far beyond that, getting into the heart and soul of who a business person is, what they love, what they do, who they serve, how they serve them.  It’s about getting rid of boring stock images and instead filling websites and Instagram with original images that all help tell the story of your business and who’s BEHIND it.

You Deserve Beautiful photos

I find that a branding session has a lot in common with the portraiture I do.  Both involve getting beyond the nerves and tension to a place where you are comfortable and confident in front of the camera.

I had a client come in recently and her first words were “Okay, is it all right if we have a body image talk before we get into these headshots?”  Absolutely!  So we talked out her fears and insecurities, which actually pretty much revolved around some recent photos that she felt she looked terrible in.  After talking it out and my assurance that we could reframe her belief about her ability to be photogenic we started shooting.  As we went through them she said “Okay, see, THIS is what I think I acutally look like.  These are great!” And that is truly the heart and passion behind my work… when I get to show someone how beautiful they actually are and redeem some self confidence it fills my heart ALL THE WAY up.


Booking a headshot or branding session

If you’d like to book your own headshot or branding session, call the studio at 250-320-4213 or send me an email via the contact form below.  I’ll send you some info on my different headshot and branding packages and you can decide which one suits your needs the most.  We’ll set up a time to chat more by phone or email, which ever is easiest for you, and talk about what you need in more detail and go over any question you may have.

After that I’ll send you a contract by email.  You’ll be able to fill it out, sign it and send it back online.  The whole process is great, it’s super easy and I’m here along the way if you have any questions.


Other Commissioned Portrait Work

As a portrait photographer, I photograph a variety of subject matter.  I absolutely love personal branding photography and I have a huge place in my heart for helping enterpreneurs, but I also photograph women (beauty portraits), model portfolios, high school grads, families, children, newborns,  corporate headshots and more.

I’d love to hear about your photography needs and work with you to create custom portraits of you!


Contacting the Studio

For more information on what I can do for you, call the studio at 250-320-4213 or via the form below:

Lisa Novakowski      250.320.4213    

Based in Kamloops, BC, Canada.  Available worldwide.