Kamloops family photographer … photographing families is where I had my start in photography, and it’s still near and dear to my heart.  There’s just something about capturing the diverse personalities that make up a family that tugs on my heart and gives me such joy!  And there is something about outdoor adventures that makes it that much better!

Spring is here, and it’s that time of year where outdoor spring sessions get going!  Even in the midst of Covid-19, outdoor family sessions are totally doable!  I can’t come close enough to fluff your hair or fix your collar (sorry, you’ll have to do that yourself, haha) but everything else remains unchanged.

If your family is all home and you finally have that extra time together that you can never seem to find, this would be there PERFECT time to update the family photo!!!

THIS family and I went for a grand adventure out in the Jamieson Creek area, and climbing down steep banks and trekking the back woods was so incredibly worth the effort.  And it was so fun!!!!  AND nobody fell in the creek, so we were winning all over the place 🙂

So fun…. thanks for having me document this fleeting time, Winsor fam!!  xo