Kamloops wedding photographer_0001Melissa and Aaron chose what turned out to be a gorgeous autumn day for their wedding!!!  There was a fair bit of rain surrounding their wedding weekend so we were super happy to see the sunshine!  I photographed Aaron’s sister’s wedding a couple years ago and we met up again last year for family photos, and I LOVE seeing “my” families again!!  This wedding was the perfect way to wrap up my wedding season… hilarious groomsmen, super sweet bridesmaids, beautiful fall details, sunshine a glowingly happy couple and familiar faces everywhere 🙂

Of course, the wedding day is just part of this lovely couple’s story.  Here is a bit more:

Describe in just a couple sentences how you met:

We technically were introduced twice by our friend, once in elementary school and again in grade 9. We finally had a class together in Grade 10 (English) and I went to watch a couple of his soccer games that summer. We hung out and talked all that summer and then started dating in Grade 11. I knew that he was a catch when he started talking about his family; it’s one of the things I appreciate about him so much.

What were your first impressions of each other?    

Melissa: I thought Aaron was a bit of a goof, but a real sweetheart. He’s always wanted to make me happy, even when I was watching soccer in the summer, he would want to score a goal for me.

Aaron: She was a bit of a nerd, really down to earth, and overall a sweet and honest girl. Plus she kicked ass at soccer, so that was a bonus,

How did Aaron propose:

We drove out to Pavilion Lake so that he and his buddy could go scuba diving. His buddy ended up cancelling and I really didn’t want to go out there “for nothing” (I was quite grumpy about it). When we got to Marble Canyon, we had lunch and I put on Aaron’s sweater because I was cold. It was heavy and I thought that he had his wallet in the pocket. We were walking back through a trail in the woods near the lake and I asked him what was in his pocket as I was pulling out the box, he got down on one knee, took the box and proposed. It was lovely.


Why did you pick your wedding venue/city/location?

We were both raised in Kamloops, so we wanted to keep it in town with family and friends. We got married at Sacred Heart because almost all my family has been married there and we chose the Colombo because it represents my Italian heritage.


Favorite moment(s) of your wedding day…

Aaron: Honestly, the whole day went so well, it’s hard to pick any one moment. I was just happy to get through my vows without screwing them up.

Melissa: My favourite moment of the wedding day was when we said our vows. Aaron did an amazing job and it was such a special part of the day. I also really enjoyed playing soccer with the wedding party before the reception; that was lots of fun.


First Dance Song: I’ll Always Be Right There – Bryan Adams

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Kamloops wedding photographer

Other Vendors:

Hair & Makeup:  Ardeo Spa & Salon

Bride’s Hair:  Lindy-Lou Cyr

Dress:  Maggie Sottero

Cake:  Kat’s Kupcakery

Florist:  Brides and Blooms

Ceremony Venue:  Sacred Heart Cathedral

Reception Venue:  Colombo Lodge

Caterer:  Colombo Lodge

DJ:  David Epp