01 Kamloops family lifestyle photographerWow, I haven’t blogged in awhile!  Life has been non stop, but I have a lot to catch everyone up on over the next couple months!!! For today though, this super sweet family session felt like the perfect way to end 2015 on the blog…  Christmas decor, doting parents, and one uber cute 3 month old… perfect, right?

This session was absolutely fantastic!  This little princess is so very obviously loved by her parents, it was amazing to linger in the background and document the emotions.  At 3 months old, she was all wide eyed wonder and cheeky smiles… we had so much fun!!!

When we booked the session we hoped for a dry enough day that we could go outside at the end, but I wasn’t expecting to get to play out in the snow.  Kamloops looks fairly brown and dreary in the winter, but all it takes is a dusting of snow and suddenly it’s magical and beautiful outside.  It was warm enough out to bundle up the baby and head outdoors for awhile. So glad we did!

Lifestyle family photography is my favorite. Documenting the real life of a family, especially with younger children, is so important.  Time flies and those little ones change so fast, I love that it’s my job to document these moments for families, and secure visual memories for them.

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