I had the absolute honor of flying to Ontario to tell Lauren and Jeff’s wedding story, and it was absolutely amazing.  All of it.  The colors.  The Muskokas in the fall.  The people.  I first met Lauren and Jeff in Osoyoos when Jeff’s brother was married, and again last December at Emma and Adrian’s wedding in Australia.  This trip across the country felt like a weekend away with family, I loved every minute of it all.   Lauren was radiant (and stunning), and these two were all smiles and little looks and “can you believe we just got married?” all day, it was super sweet to be privy to their joy!

Enough from me, though!  Jeff and Lauren shared some of their thoughts from the wedding day, so read those, and then enjoy the visual taste of their gorgeous day!!

Favorite moment(s) of your wedding day
Jeff:  seeing Lauren for the first time on the dock!
Lauren:  the “First Look”, driving to the ceremony on Uncle Bob’s boat, my friend Andrea singing me down the aisle, our MC’s opening rap, all the amazing speeches, our first dance, the bonfire at the reception

Best wedding related decision:
Jeff:  getting married in Muskoka in the Fall
Lauren: Doing a “First Look” – it took away so much of the stress and pressure from the ceremony, and really drove home the fact that the whole event was really about Jeff and I. Everything else melted away.

Favorite detail:
Jeff: having the bonfire outside the tent
Lauren:  our “kissing game” at the reception – friends and family had to serenade us if they wanted to see us kiss. Everyone got involved and kept us entertained!

Advice for future couples:
Take it all in because it goes by way too fast

Would you change anything if you could do it all over again? Not a thing.

Best surprise of the day:
Jeff:  Our rapping MC’s
Lauren: Jeff gave me an iPod with a list of songs that summed up our relationship. Music evokes such powerful memories, it was an incredible start to the day.

Wedding Songs: You’re My Best Friend – The Once

Other Vendors

Event Coordinator: Rocky Crest Resort – Melissa Felton

Venue:  Rocky Crest Resort

Hair:  Urban Textures

Makeup:  Urban Textures

Cake:  This Cake Roxx

Florist:  CR FLowers

DJ:  Keep Them Dancing

Caterer:  Rocky Crest Resort