Lauren and Jeff’s wedding weekend ended with a Rock the Frock session and the chilly fall waters of Lake Muskoka.  Lauren’s family spends a lot of summer weekends out there, and it’s no wonder.  Such a beautiful part of the country!!  We took advantage of this scenic piece of land, finding little nooks and crannies for photos.  Lauren’s dad took me out in the canoe (which makes an appearance here, lol) for some of the photos) and we ended up by the boathouse with Lauren and Jeff taking a (super quick) dip in the lake!

Once again, you don’t have to be in the same physical space as these two to feel the connection they have, even in photos it’s pretty obvious.  Sigh… I love love!

And the big jump… right before they jumped they looked at eachother and their words drifted over the water to the canoe…. Jeff “I think this is a bad idea”  Lauren “This is definitely a bad idea”.  lol.