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Birthday party idea for tweens – Kamloops

tween birthday party ideas Kamloops okanagan studio photoshoot

looking for birthday party ideas for your tween?

Planning a cool birthday party for your tween can be difficult at the best of times… and with the curve ball of covid it’s even more daunting right now. Photoshoot birthday parties are new to the Kamloops area, so If you’re looking for something really fun and a bit out of the ordinary, a vogue style photoshoot birthday party might be just the ticket!!

First of all, let me tell you, these parties are a RIOT!  The girls come in, giggling and excited.  They decide in advance what kind of photoshoot it’s going to be…. are they getting all dressed up? Or going for a more fashion magazine look?  After a final round of touchups, you know, to make sure their hair survived the car ride over or to apply lip gloss (they each get their own, which is waiting for them when they arrive!) we get to shooting!!!

If you’re trying to imagine what the shoot feels and looks like, think vogue style, magazine cover fashion photography…. we use different backdrops and lighting.  I direct the girls into poses as much or as little as they need and let them explore the experience and have fun with it!!!  While we focus on the birthday girl and photos of the whole excited group of them, we also take time for a few portraits of each guest.

tween birthday party ideas Kamloops portrait photographer

A unique and creative party (that’s less stress for you!)

It’s one of those things where literally everyone wins, lol.


Sweet stuff (cupcakes, candies and sparkling juice), lip gloss and a super fun photoshoot! What would make it even better? Sharing that experience with up to 5 of her closest friends of course!I would love to provide a beautiful and fun birthday celebration for the special girl in your life and her closest BFFs (bonus – I’ve got you totally covered for a no stress party this year!!) I can’t wait to plan her party with you and create beautiful photos she will cherish forever!


While I consult with you for specifics like cupcake colors and decor items, I take care of those essentials so you don’t have to.  That said, if you love the extra decor and want to glam it up you absolutely can decorate to your heart’s content the day of the party!

I have shooting space as well as a separate space where we’ll have cupcakes and gift opening… complete with a table and chairs, a kitchen and bathrooms, so everything is on hand.

During the party you get to relax while I have the privilege of photographing your daughter and her friends, capturing the essense of the party guests on their own as well as those fleeting and precious youthful moments between friends, creating images that you and your daughter can revisit over and over again!!

My studio occupies its own floor, and is self contained, so you can be sure it’s a safe environment that has been thoroughly cleaned and is sanitized for your party!  Of course, if you have any questions or concerns about Covid-19 and safety I’d love to talk you through them!

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ready to start planning an epic party?

I would love to provide a beautiful and fun birthday celebration for the special girl in your life and her BFFs!!!

Use the form below to reach out and we’ll get this party started!


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