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Kamloops Personal Branding Session – Jennifer

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Can Personal Brand Photography help your business?

Making authentic connections with your clients and customers, particularly for small businesses, is essential for your brand. Personal Branding is about building an online presence that is consistent and authentic, it’s about becoming a recognizable brand your customers and followers can depend on.  Building this kind of brand is becoming more important all the time, these days everyone is online and one of the best ways to set yourself apart from the competition is to build an online presence and reputation (your brand) that reflects you and who you are.  There is only one of you, after all, and no one else serve can serve your clients the way you do.

Do you struggle finding the right clients?  Or find it difficult to be heard through all the noise online? Do you need a better social media and web presence for you or your business?

A huge part of what makes Personal Branding PERSONAL is photos of you.  Do you have a storefront?  Or are you a service provider?  These sessions are 100% personalized to you… what you do, who you are, and what makes you amazing!


Portrait session with Jennifer

Jennifer is a realtor  in Kamloops, and she was ready to create new branding images for her business, something that would give her a cohesive look across her whole online presence. We got together before her session to brainstorm, going over branding details like website colors, and what feeling she wanted to portray in her images.  As you can see from the photos, Jennifer is always smiling, and she has a bubbly personality to go with that smile, so we went for photos that were professional and crisp yet relaxed and approachable. What a boss babe!!

For Jenn’s session we utilized the furniture that’s already in the studio since it coordinated well with her brand and the look she was going for in her images.  If you have pieces at home that you love that you’d like to have in your session, the sky’s the limit!  Well, I guess the ability to get them in your vehicle and up my stairs is actually the limit, but you know what I mean, haha!


Is a Personal Branding session for you?

If it is, I’d LOVE to connect with you to talk to you about your own session and how we can make it absolutely amazing together!!!!  

You can contact me through the form right below the rest of Jenn’s session images!

Kamloops Personal Brand PhotographerKamloops Personal Brand Photographer Kamloops Personal Brand Photographer

Jennifer’s website:  Jennifer McQueen

Hair + Makeup by:  Laine Dagneau

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