01 Kamloops family photographer brothers sibling love black and whiteBrotherly love!  This little man sure loves his brother, and I think when they are older they will get into ALL SORTS of mischief together (sorry mom and dad, lol).  This is another session that is more lifestyle and documentary in nature, and I’m a big fan of how authentic lifestyle photography can be.  Except for the obviously set up outdoor family portrait the rest of the scenarios were fairly unscripted except for these first three, which we loosely set up and then just let the boys do what they were going to do…. so still authentic moments and real emotions.

I never know what I’m in for when I photograph younger kids.  I don’t know how long it will take them to warm up to me, or what antics they are going to be up to.  There is always some sort of excitement though!  This young man took no time at all… in fact by the time I got my gear out of the car and made my way to the front door, he had it open and was inviting me inside.  And he really didn’t stop the whole session… the boundless energy of kids never ceases to amaze me!!  I was treated to all sorts of fun family adventures, from snuggle time with his baby brother, to ducking pillows as he jumped on his bed and lego building with his dad, and even running around the park feeding the ducks and exploring, it was an amazing afternoon spent with a family I’ve gotten to know quite well over the years 🙂

We lucked out and ended up with a beautiful day, so after documenting the family in their home we headed outside for some playtime.  The PERFECT way to end what was an awesome session!!!!

Thanks so much, you guys, for being one of my families!!

02 Kamloops lifestyle editorial family photographer brothers on the bed snuggling giggling black and white 03 Kamloops editorial lifestyle family photographer jumping on the bed black and white 04 Kamloops editorial lifestyle family photographer 5 month old black white10 Kamloops lifestyle editorial family photographer mom snuggling with comforting sleeping baby black and white 11 Kamloops lifestyle editorial family photographer son playing trains with dad at the game table 12 Kamloops documentary family photography boy playtime playing with trains on the table floor13 Kamloops lifestyle family session photography feeding the mallard ducks at the park in the sunshine05 Kamloops lifestyle family session outside outdoors photographer dad and son in the park 06 Kamloops lifestyle family portrait outside in the park dad and son snuggles 07Kamloops lifestyle editorial family photographer portrait outside in the park mom and son snuggles 08 Kamloops lifestyle family portrait outside in the park editorial photographer 09 Kamloops lifestyle editorial portrait photographer boy on a swing laughing

Kamloops lifestyle family photographer