Epic vistas and beautiful moments… interspersed with peals of laughter… were the hallmark to this gorgeous engagement session above Kamloops Lake.  Typically, when it comes to Kamloops weather, when the forecast called for showers and the showers don’t happen, the sunsets are incredible.  We decided to go for it and hope for the best… and whoah, did the evening deliver!  A huge rain cloud hung over the hills behind us but, except for a smattering of raindrops, left us alone.  Taking our chances paid off, and we were blessed with cloud studded blue skies, the most spectacular golden hour sunshine and a stunning sunset.  All kinds of winning!

And these two……… seriously…….. on the one hand,  it’s pretty obvious how into each other they are, but on the other, they aren’t very serious people, so the result is what you see here…….. incredibly romantic, and sometimes steamy moments, interrupted frequently by the giggles and laughter.  And back to romantic.  So much fun to document these two being together.   They were into going on an adventure so we hiked around the hillside, exploring the nooks and crannies that make up the low-lying mountains of the area.  This place is amazing, and if it didn’t get dark who knows how long I would have kept them out there, lol.

Just before sunset the sun dipped below the clouds and graced us with the most incredible golden sunshine.  It was short lived but we made the most of it!!   These kinds of sessions are among my favorite, when we get to explore and chase the sunshine around the countryside, when you don’t know quite what you’ll find.  The BEST!

Melissa and Mike… you two are ridiculously amazing… I loved every minute of this session!  Thanks for trusting me with this location, and with your engagement and wedding photos.  It’s been pretty fantastic!!!!!!  xo

Hair + Makeup:  Laine Dagneau