Warm sunny days are my favourite.  And wandering around the beautiful Kamloops countryside with fun and adventurous families are an exceptional way to enjoy those evenings :). I discovered this park quite by accident on my way home from a wedding rehearsal one afternoon and fell totally in love with the trees and the views and the amazing variety all wrapped up in one pretty little park :). These guys were happy to join me out there for our session and we made great use of our time out there!!

I have to admit that photographing siblings at this age is one of my favourite things to do.  These girls get along so well, and I discovered pretty quick that if I put them somewhere together and just let them be, their sweet smiles would dissolve into giggles and all sorts of mischief.  Watching that process happen every single time was so much fun!!  The icing on the cake really was Buddy the dog.  Seriously, how stinking cute is he???