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Fun Stress-Free Lifestyle Sessions

I know a lot of work goes into preparing for family photos… planning outfits, coordinating schedules, the pressure you feel to have it all perfect….
I’m here to take that pressure off.

I won’t expect your toddler to sit perfectly still, and I won’t expect your reluctant teenager to smile.  And I also won’t expect everything to go according to plan.

My expectations are waaaaaay different than that…. let’s start by throwing all of them out the window.  Let’s have fun.  Let’s go on an adventure and see where it takes us.  Let’s get dirty. Or go on a hike.  Or jump in a lake. Or make breakfast with the littles.  Or bake a cake.  Or whatever you can dream up!

For SURE there will be moments for smiling family portraits…  where the kids are on your laps, maybe in the middle of a tickle fest, where the stars align and we grab a quick portrait.  Sometimes it’s a strategic game of tag where we wrangle a grab and grin.  There’s always a window for that. And really, life with kids isn’t perfect (trust me I know, I have 3!!)  Some days it’s perfect chaos, but every day is an adventure, and my family photos are all about documenting that adventure.

Beautiful family photos while having fun.  Let’s do this!!



My baby sessions are almost always in the home. Some families like to have the photos done while their baby is still very newborn, and others prefer to wait until their baby is a bit more interactive.  It’s completely up to you!! My approach is super casual, documenting the new normal that life is with a baby, whatever that looks like.   One of my favourite things about these sessions is photographing the new parents as they hold their precious baby and marvel at the beautiful new life that has blessed their home.  Melts my heart every time…

younger families


Right now you’re in the thick of it… diapers, teething, growth spurts, temper tantrums and belly laughs.  Kids who are the best of friends one minute and fighting the next.  First steps and first haircuts.  Bedtime stories and days seen through the magical eyes of toddlers.  But dang, do these days ever disappear fast, and suddenly your toddlers are teenagers and babyhood is memories.

Whether photographed in the home or outside, the approach is casual.  I want you to relax and enjoy spending the time together while I document this stage of life for you.



Having teenagers brings a whole new meaning to the words “the thick of it”, haha.  But still the focus of these sessions is the same…. to take a bit of time just enjoying the fact that you have each other and you’re together.  It can be a challenge getting coordinating work schedules, but it’s 100% worth it.

There’s no time like today
These precious moments are fleeting.  Time slips through our fingers and suddenly children are grown up and as parents we’re left wondering where the time went.

I can’t stop time, but I CAN make sure today is kept for you with beautiful visual memories.

Let’s plan your family sessION!!

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Talk to you soon!

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