Kamloops family photographer_0001Allrighty, so, I still have quite a pile of family sessions from later last fall that I haven’t had the opportunity to blog! ¬†I plan to roll those out once a week until I’m all caught up, so make sure you check back in Thursdays to see what’s new ūüôā

Photographing teenagers can be a daunting task for photographers… it’s not like chasing toddlers around and being goofy with them. ¬†Or is it? ¬†haha. ¬†To be completely honest, I’m learning that that shooting teenagers aren’t so different from photographing toddlers. ¬†When it comes to photographing lifestyle sessions of younger children I’ve had the most success when I take a bit of time to let them settle into the session and start interacting naturally with each other. ¬†Once they’re comfortable with me, and with a camera photographing them they relax and start to forget I’m there. ¬†Which is EXACTLY the way teens are, really.

I know this family fairly well, and I know this brother and sister are very close,and I also know they like to harass each other endlessly. ¬†Only a few minutes into photographing their parents, and suddenly the photo below was a naturally unfolding scene playing itself out behind me. ¬†It pays to pay attention to the peripheral activity!! ¬†They were “up to something” pretty much the whole entire session… I laughed a LOT during this photo shoot ūüôā

This area is one of my favorite places to shoot in the Kamloops area, although this particular little corner was a new find for me.  Love it!!

Kamloops family photographer_0002 Kamloops family photographer_0003 Kamloops family photographer_0004 Kamloops family photographer_0005 Kamloops family photographer_0006 Kamloops family photographer_0007 Kamloops family photographer_0008 Kamloops family photographer_0009 Kamloops family photographer_0010 Kamloops family photographer_0011 Kamloops family photographer_0012

Kamloops family photographer

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