I knew I was going to really like Mirriah + Kris when they said they had a vintage comic book and a Dr. Who scarf (that Mirriah knit FOR their session!!!) as props for their engagement session!  I knew the wedding was going to be amazing and original and ridiculously fun when they said their reception setup included a Mario Cart gaming corner. And, when they talked about Star Wars figures a cake toppers I was completely sold.  Their engagement session is here, by the way 🙂

These details were the tip of the iceberg on what was going to be the coolest wedding 🙂  I first saw them on the wedding day for their first look.  It took place on top of a parkade and included a beautifully restored old Chevy Malibu and an ecstatic groom (I love his face!).  After photos with the wedding party at a downtown park we met everyone else at St. Andrews on the Square.  The bagpipes were a surprise for the groom’s Dad (and is a perfect example of how thoughtful these two are.  So much of their day was about making sure everyone else was doing great and had what they needed.  Pretty awesome!)

After family photos we found a location that had more great city views and peaceful green space.  I really do love Kamloops… I love the sage and the grasses and the wide views… the hills, and the diverse landscapes so close to the city.  This place is a gem!!  Mirriah and Kris were happy to take a few minutes to soak in the reality of the day… I mean, they just got married!!!!!!!!!  And they were radiating happiness!! The sunshine was amazing, the afternoon warm and beautiful.  I have to confess it’s always hard for me to turn my back on such glorious light when it’s time to go indoors for the reception.

BUT.  But, this reception……. oh my word… you really do have to scroll through the photos to see for yourself how awesome their decor was!!!  The cake was simply amazing… such talent!!!!!!  And the details… Funko Pop characters as table numbers (I got to sit at the I Am Groot table. Awesome!)  Dr. Who bits scattered about the reception space.  The comic book love interests.  Star Wars everywhere.  Marvel references everywhere.  Bright colors.   Seriously.  These two literally poured themselves into their wedding decor and it was beyond cool.  Amazingly Authentic. And loads of fun!!

Enjoy getting a bit acquainted with this fantastic duo through their wedding photos.  I really do get the best couples!!!!!!  I say that after every wedding and it’s 100% true  🙂  These guys were no exception, and it was a joy to document these festivities!!  xo


Vendor List:

Venue:  Delta Hotel Kamloops
Planner:  Hotel 540
Hair Stylist:  Chrystina @ Hair Express
Makeup Artist:  Janet Calhoun
Catering:  Hotel 540
Cake Artist:  Coranna Hardy
DJ:  GK Sound