Today I have a story for you about how finding the right photographer for you can make aaaaalllllllll the difference in your photos.

You know how sometimes you cross paths with someone who is nice enough, but you just don’t gel?  But on the other hand, sometimes you meet someone and you know immediately you’ve found a kindred spirit?  Finding the right photographer can be kinda like that, especially since getting your photos taken can be STRESSFUL!!!  Find someone you’re comfortable around, someone who puts you at ease and “gets” you, because they’re totally going to get in your bubble with their camera!


The ladies at the United Way TNC and I had the kindred spirit experience. Seriously.  I’d met Katie at a retreat event, and again for lunch and we got along famously right away. At lunch we talked about headshots for the team and Katie said then she knew I’d be a great fit for them. There is honestly so much fear and anxiety in most people when it comes to being photographed,  and these ladies were no exception to that.  As I spent time with each of them creating their headshots, I watched each of them relax and open up, giving so much of themselves in front of the camera. Watching that transformation happen gives me so much joy 🙂

The best part for me was not only their reactions as they saw their photos on the laptop (which was incredible in itself), but I also heard them as they went back to the staff room in huge excitement to tell everyone how awesome it was, how great they looked, and how amazing they felt after having their photos taken.
I was overwhelmed actually, by how incredibly excited and thankful they all were, so much so that I asked them to share a bit about their experience.
In their own words:




“Getting a new headshot is always a bit nerve-wracking. It feels like a lot of pressure and suddenly you’re acutely aware of your too-long arms and wonder why it feels like there’s no good place to put your hands. But as soon as Lisa is behind the camera it all gets easier. Lisa gives the perfect amount of direction without ever feeling critical. It’s easy to relax and trust that the picture will be great when Lisa is behind the lens. Lisa gave our entire team the confidence they needed to be captured as their authentic selves and experience was one we both enjoyed and appreciated. Our team has never looked more beautiful, professional or themselves. I can’t recommend Lisa highly enough.” 


“As someone who prefers to be behind the scenes instead of in front of the camera the idea of headshots made me nervous.  As soon as I met Lisa my nerves disappeared, the whole experience was fun and she was so complimentary throughout that I was able to relax and enjoy the attention!  The photos themselves are beautiful; she used angles and lighting in a way that always showed my “good side”.  I can’t recommend Lisa enough. She was professional, fun, easy to work with and provided amazing results!” 




“Lisa was fantastic to work with. She was professional and encouraging throughout the whole shoot. I was super uncomfortable having my photo taken but she made me feel calm and even cracked some jokes to help me look more natural. Despite my hesitations having my photo taken, the results were beautiful. I highly recommend Lisa!” 






“Lisa’s warm and approachable nature made me feel at ease during our photo shoot. I’m not experienced in front of the camera and her subtle body positioning cues made for flattering pictures that still looked like me! I appreciated her warmth and her gentle humour made me feel comfortable. I am so grateful for my experience with Lisa and would highly recommend her.” 



“Lisa is such a genuine, caring professional to work with. She coached me with tips and tricks for how to pose so I felt like I could give my most flattering image. She immediately showed me the pictures she was taking and helped me choose my favourites so I knew I would leave happy. I have not had professional pictures taken in years and I’m so grateful she gave me this gift that I feel beautiful and proud to share!”

Hair + Makeup by the super talented Ginger Turley

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