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Maybe you’ve landed on this page out of curiosity.  Maybe you’re here because someone really needs to photograph your family and your growing kids before they get any older. If so, you’re in the right place!

And either way, welcome! I’m so glad you’re here!!!

Documentary Style Sessions
I understand 1000% how quickly the time flies… I have three children of my own and it’s astonishing to me how fast the time has flown by.  I can’t keep up with how fast they change, and already toddlers, diapers and bedtime stories have become memories.  I absolutely LOVE photographing families, my sessions focus on photographing your family as you are, all the fun, goofy, chaotic, sweet, loving, even meltdown moments that make up life as a family.

Although a more documentary style is the focus,  I always take a few minutes (how many minutes is generally in the hands of your children, lol)  to create beautiful portraits of your family as well.

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There’s no time like today
These precious moments are fleeting.  Time slips through our fingers and suddenly children are grown up and parents are left wondering where the time went.

I can’t stop time, but I CAN make sure today is kept for you with beautiful visual memories.

Maternity + Baby
This is where family begins, and babyhood is a whirlwind of little moments and fast changes… it’s hard to fully enjoy each stage before you’re at the next one.

My baby sessions are almost always in the home. Some families like to have the photos done while their baby is still very newborn, and others prefer to wait until their baby is a bit more interactive.  It’s completely up to you!! My approach is super casual, documenting the new normal that life is with a baby, whatever that looks like.  Does your baby sleep aalllll the time? Hardly ever? Is she a cuddler?  Is he super aware of his surroundings?  Do you have lots of cuddle time in bed or on the couch? Whatever life is right now is what I document. The beauty of hiring a photographer to photograph this stage is that BOTH parents can be actively participating in the moment as I document the day.  One of my favourite things about these sessions is photographing the new parents as they hold their precious baby and marvel at the beautiful new wee life that has blessed their home.  Melts my heart every time…

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“Day in the Life”  Sessions
If you are as passionate about documenting real life as I am, ask about my “A Day in the Life” sessions.

During these sessions, I am literally a fly on the wall, taking my camera totally behind the scenes to document daily life for a family.  These sessions are completely customizable, I can be there for a whole day (even from toddler bedhead in the morning) or just a portion of your day.

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Couple Portraits
Photos of the whole family, photos of each of the kids, photos of the kids together… these are pretty standard on any family session, but odds are pretty good that as you’ve been thinking about your own family session, getting a few photos of you two as a couple probably hasn’t crossed your mind.

No matter what your session looks like, and no matter the demands of the children, I try REALLY hard to find a moment in there somewhere for a photograph of you and your significant other alone. Sometimes I literally have a few seconds to capture the magic, but we take what we can get and run with it!!!

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Based in Kamloops, BC, Canada.  Available worldwide.