Recognize this beautiful family?  You might if you’ve followed my work for awhile. 🙂  I found them in front of my lens again for a family session in the park on a hot and humid summer day last year (hard to imagine with the long winter and cold spring we’ve had, but that heat is on its way again!!)  And yes, I’m happy about that.  I don’t like being cold, lol.

These two boys are ridiculously photogenic, and when we left them to their own devices for a minute or two their hilarious and sweet natures quickly surfaced. I seriously have the best job on the planet! Chasing around after toddlers, documenting their antics has always been one of my favorite things to shoot.  This day was no exception…

We started down at the riverbank, enduring the humidity for as long as possible before moving to the relative coolness of a tree filled park. The boys were much tougher than us adults, but soon even they had enough of the hot sunshine.  We had a few minutes in our air conditioned vehicles to cool down, and everyone was ready to go, and happy for some shade.

Kris and Emily, thank you for the years of photos!!!!!!!!!!!!  Thank you for enduring the heat with me, and thank you so much for trusting me with documenting these treasured moments for you!!!  xo