Jamaica is a beautiful country to be married in, and this is where Leanne & Chris chose to go to tie the knot.  A group of of friends and family met up with them for a garden wedding at Sandals Whitehouse in Jamaica.  The weather was glorious and hot, and the day was just perfect.  There are too many reasons why I loved this destination wedding to list here (I’ll save that for another post), but one thing I loved is that I was able to totally immerse myself in their experience, from the Jamaican fisherman fishing offshore at dawn through the sounds of the night in Jamaica (which is an experience all its own).  One word… incredible!

I asked Leanne & Chris a few questions about their wedding, and so, in their own words:

Describe the vision/theme you had for your wedding in 5 words or less:
Leanne: Romantic and Beautiful
Chris: whatever Leanne wanted

Favorite moment(s) of your wedding day…

Chris: The garden ceremony and the reception on the catamaran.
Leanne: Reading the vows. I know how hard Chris worked on his and how hard I worked on mine. It seems like it took forever to find the perfect wording to explain how I felt for him.

Best wedding related decision:
Leanne: Deciding on doing a destination wedding.  It was a hard decision because not everyone could go, but we know it was perfect for what we wanted.
Chris: Bringing our own photographer. We knew that these memories were going to last a lifetime and we didn’t want to take any chances with them.

Favorite detail:

Leanne: my flowers! I absolutely loved my flowers!
Chris: The garden location. The archway was perfect.

Advice for future couples:

Talk to each other! Don’t text or Facebook and expect that to get your point across. Sit down and have an honest conversation, you have no idea how many misunderstandings could be fixed with a face to face conversation.

Would you change anything if you could do it all over again?

Not that it is possible to change, but the weather for our catamaran trip! It was a great reception, but the water was so rough and people ended up sea sick.

Best surprise of the day:

Leanne: I had not seen a lot of the wedding items, this included my own jewellery. It was hand made by a family friend and was exactly what I had hoped for.
Chris: The letters that my Dad read when we were cutting the cake. They were from family that couldn’t make it and they were very meaningful.

Wedding Songs:

Our first dance was “I won’t give Up” by Jason Mraz.
Walked down the aisle to instrumental of “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri

Other thoughts:

Everything went perfectly. We could not have had a better day if we tried!

The photo on the right may seem odd, but I’m wondering… can you find the garter in this photo?  An obliging bartender looked the other way in the wee hours of the post-wedding night, and it stayed there the whole rest of the trip.  In fact, it may STILL be in place, lol.


Planner:  The Wedding Butlers

Venue: Sandals Whitehouse Jamaica