Okay, a rather LARGE nutshell, but still!  I didn’t know what to blog first, so I’m sharing an overview of our whole amazing Australian adventure now, and I’ll blog each part in more detail later.  Honestly, words cannot do justice to Australia, to it’s people, or to it’s beauty.  Thankfully a picture is worth a thousand words, so “read” on for the condensed version of what will be a future trilogy for certain!

The main reason for our journey was to photograph Emma & Adrian’s wedding in the stunning Yarra Valley.  I can’t tell you what an honor it was to be flown overseas to shoot an Australian wedding!  And what a beautiful venue and gorgeous couple!!  The country homes in the town of Healesville where the E & A got ready were a perfect match to the magical Stones of the Yarra Valley venue.  Absolute bliss, really.

The next day the family hosted a lovely, relaxed barbeque at one of the Healesville homes that were rented to house family and guests.  Shrimp on the Bar-B anyone?

By the way, this was the MOST intense game of Jenga I’ve ever witnessed!  31 levels if anyone’s counting 🙂

And the grand finale!  A Rock the Frock session on the beach.

Of course, we took time to explore the province of Victoria while we were there, and did those things that were “must do’s”.  Still only the tip of the proverbial iceberg though…

The Melbourne skyline from the Dandenong Ranges.

Fern Tree Gully.  Such a gorgeous, slightly prehistoric looking place.  It was magical.

Although we went to the Healesville Sanctuary and saw so many animals there, we were lucky to see these animals in the wild as well… the Kookaburra (sitting, in fact, in a gum tree), Kangaroo, and Koala Bear.  Ever wonder why Koalas sleep so much?  Apparently they aren’t sleeping, but under the narcotic influence of the Eucalyptus they like to eat. hmmmm….

Spending time with our new and new-ish friends in Torquay!

Ahh, the Great Ocean Road.  There will be a LOT more photos of this leg of our journey!!

The Twelve Apostles, which now number I think Seven, were spectacular!!  Unfortunately a few of the Apostles have succumbed to erosion and fallen into the sea…