Hey there!  I’m Lisa Novak,
a portrait and wedding photographer,
and a content creator for small business brands.

I am based in Kamloops BC, but I LOVE to travel!  My work has taken me across Canada and around the world. I specialize in photography that is both timeless and that has a creative, modern edge.  I am best known for putting people at ease in front of the camera, and for my ability to draw out my client’s personality and capture that personality. And, in all honesty, being able to do that with and for my clients brings me great joy in my work!

I have a beautiful studio in downtown Kamloops. In the studio I shoot beauty portraits, personal branding clients, high school grads, headshots and corporate teams and I also love shooting the occasional vogue style family session in there!  Otherwise, you can find me adventuring around the diverse landscapes of the Thompson Okanagan area with my clients, finding stunning vistas and rolling sage hills to photograph them in.

I invite you to meander around the site and check out my portfolios.  If you connect with some of the photos you see and my style of photography, I’d love to hear from you so we can start a conversation about how I can photograph you!!




Kamloops best winter wedding photographer
Kamloops best creative wedding photographer

Kamloops, Shuswap and Okanagan wedding photographer

Even with well over a decade of wedding photography experience, I can’t say for certain that I’ve seen it all, but I have seen a LOT, and am prepared to handle anything a wedding day brings.  Being pretty unflappable means I am able to be a calming presence on a wedding day, and I make it my goal to help de-stress the day as much as possible.  Part of this comes with preparation beforehand, helping with the timeline and asking a lot of questions about the day, often bringing up things the couple hadn’t thought of (like transportation for the wedding party if we’re traveling for photos). 

My goal during the day is to be as invisible as possible, documenting all the amazing moments of the wedding without drawing attention to myself.  The creative portraits would be the exception to this method, but still, we’ll brainstorm locations beforehand so you can relax and enjoy the time together while I photograph your beautiful selves.


The Hartt Family Kamloops Lifestyle Photography, Kamloops Family Photography, Lisa Novak Photography

Kamloops + OkanAgan FAMILY photographer

Family photography is where I started with photography way back in the beginning, and all these years later I still LOVE photographing families!  Snuggles with newborns, chasing toddlers and convincing teens to cozy up to their siblings each present a different challenge, and I love a good challenge.  I’m a people watcher, and watching the dynamics in families is fascinating to me.  I guess I must be an okay person because kids (and pets) really seem to take to me (unless nap time has been missed… then it’s anybody’s guess!)

When it comes to family sessions, I always take a “no pressure” approach.  Kids can smell expectation from a MILE away, so I’m always coaching parents to not worry.  They might smile the whole time.  They might pitch the biggest fit you’ve ever seen.  They might have to stop for a pee in the woods.  They might be full of beans and I’ll spend most of the shoot chasing them around.  Your teen might be having a day and decided to not smile for even one photo. It’s allllll good.  It will work out, trust me! And I’ll take photos of the good and the bad.  That fit might strum your final nerve today, but you’ll have a good laugh at that face down the road.  I KNOW this.  I took pictures of my babies losing it, felt like a bad mom for doing it, and now they’re some of my favourite photos and they make me laugh every time I look at them.  We’re all good, and I’ve got you!  It’s my job to make lemonade, and I’ve learned a lot of tricks along the way!



Creative portrait for todays moderm woman Kamloops mother daughter photographer
Creative portraits for todays modern woman studio portrait photographer Kamloops

Kamloops Portrait studio photography

When I moved my business from home into a studio space a few years ago I started looking into portrait photography, and I am absolutely smitten with this genre of photography.  

My portrait work includes modern portraiture for women, grad portraits, couple session and mother – daughter sessions. Portrait photo shoots can happen in the studio, downtown or somewhere in the beautiful Kamloops landscape, or we can mix and match locations!!  

We start with a conversation about your vision for the session, what your idea of a perfect photoshoot would be, and plan that amazing session together. It’s seriously so much fun!

Personal Brands

Kamloops headshot photographer for entrepreneurs and business women

Kamloops Personal Brand photographer

In the age of the internet and social media having visual content for your brand is SUPER important.  Visual content isn’t just a linkedIn headshot anymore, it’s that and social media content, and photos for your website.

When you book a branding session with me, we’ll talk about your website, your brand colors, the feel of your brand, what appeals to your target market, how you want them to FEEL when they’re interacting with your brand…. and we take all those pieces and create a unique plan for you.  


let’s create something together!


Lisa Novakowski      250.320.4213      lisa@lisanovak.ca    

Based in Kamloops, BC, Canada.  Available worldwide.