Finding the right photographer

I wanted to share a story with you about how finding the right photographer can make all the difference in your photos. You know how sometimes you cross paths with someone who you’re sure is a great human being, but you just didn’t gel together at all?  But And on the other hand, sometimes you meet someone and you know immediately you’re basically kindred spirits?  Finding the right photographer for YOU can be kinda like that.

Sun Peaks Resort winter wedding | Carly + Bruce

Every time I’m asked to shoot a winter wedding, it feels almost like winning the lottery. Not that I’ve actually WON the lottery, but I imagine this is what it feels like, haha.  Once you learn how to photograph them (hello snow and white dresses!) it’s so fun to go where the beauty takes you! And as far as winter weddings go, Sun Peaks Resort is an exceptional venue… lovely accommodations, a quaint village, sweeping views and so many beautiful locations for your photos!