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Hi!  I’m Lisa Novakowski, the artist and visionary behind everything that is Lisa Novak Photography.

I am first and foremost a wife and mom of three kids who are growing up faster than I can believe.  I know only too well how fast time slips through our fingers and I understand how vital it is to capture moments before they disappear. That desire to stop time with my camera, stilling forever those precious moments, is the heart and soul behind why I am a photographer.

Want to know a few more really random things about me? The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is have a cup of coffee.  I LOVE coffee. Also, I am a bit of a foodie.  Okay, a lot of a foodie.  I go to the gym largely to offset the side effects of being a foodie.  I have an insatiable travel bug.  I love the great outdoors, hiking, kayaking, camping, cross country skiing… I spent my childhood in school and outside. Bring it on!

I specialize in documentary Wedding storytelling and “A Day in the Life” family photography sessions.

I photographed my first wedding 10 years ago, and knew by the end of that day that I had found what I was meant to do.  I love this career so much!  My photography business has taken me across the country and around the world, including places such as Muskoka, Jamaica and Australia.  

I believe photos have the power to send us back in time, to keep for us our memories and treasured moments with those we love most.

My focus, whether I’m at a wedding or photographing one of my “A Day in the Life” family sessions, is to capture those moments for my clients.

 To see these adventures and everything else I’ve been shooting professionally the past decade, make sure you check out my blog.


Your wedding is a big deal! You’ve put your heart and soulinto making it absolutely perfect. Your closest family and friends are all coming to celebrate with you. It’s going to be one of the happiest days of your life!

When the vows are said and the party is over… the dress is put away, your guests have returned home, and the day is but a memory. What do you have left?

Your photos.

I’m a story teller.  When your day has come and gone,your photos will tell YOUR story, and you will have vibrantvisual memories of your wedding that will remind you how amazing it all was!


Every family deserves a collection of images that remind them of this time in their lives, that bring back the emotions they feel for each other, for their children, for this life they share and are living together.

When I’m heading home after spending time with a family and I know that I’ve captured the beauty of who they are together as a family, it makes my heart happy.  I absolutely love documenting a family living their life.  It’s my favorite kind of family session!!

I love photographing people. I love knowing that what I am doing is creating visual memories of the milestones in my clients’ lives, images of moments that will trigger the stories of their lives when they will look back on them.  A legacy they will leave for their children and grandchildren. These can be YOUR stories, and YOUR legacies!

Lisa Novakowski    ∙    250.320.4213    ∙