Have you photographed at our venue previously?  If not, are you able to visit it before the wedding?

If your wedding is in Kamloops, chances are pretty good that I’ve photographed at least one wedding at your venue before.  There are still a few that are new to me, but not many!  That said, every wedding is new and fresh and different, so if we can arrange it, I’d be more than happy to meet you out there to check out a few locations for photos.  Everyone has their own vision for their photos, and two weddings in one location can produce completely different sets of photos.

If I’m traveling out of town for your wedding, I’ll plan to arrive early enough the day before to do the same thing!  Often there is a lot going on the day before the wedding,  if you have too many things to do,  I’m more than happy to roam around on my own.


How can I be sure my wedding photos will look like the samples you show me?

What you see, both online and in the albums I’ll bring when we meet, is exactly my photographic style and vision.  This is one of the reasons I blog… my portfolio is a showcase of some of my favorite images, and my blog is a more detailed view of what a wedding day looks like through my lens.  I’d be more than happy to send you links to a couple full wedding galleries as well, so you can see everything!

My friend/relative has a nice camera too and they take good pictures.  I think I may have them photograph my wedding to save money.  Why should I hire you instead?

With all the really good consumer digital cameras at affordable prices on the market these days, photography has never been more popular.  While your friend or relative may be a talented individual, I honestly would never recommend trusting your wedding photography to someone without extensive “on the job” experience.  Wedding photography is hard work, you need to be able to change your setting quickly to adapt to changing light, know what to do in low light, how to handle bright sunshine, and be able to anticipate the moments before they happen.  An inexperienced photographer may be able to capture some nice moments and pretty details, but unfortunately their lack of skill and experience will lead to many missed opportunities. 

You can’t re-do your wedding, and hearing from broken hearted brides who regret their decision to not hire a professional breaks my heart a bit too.  The photos are your memories, and they are priceless!  Once your wedding is over, all you will have left are your photos, so make sure you consider this and choose an experienced photographer!

I would be honoured if my work and personality lead you to me.  If not, just make sure that you DO choose someone in whom you have complete trust.  You decision will be seen for decades to come.

What makes you different from other wedding photographers?

There are wonderful photographers in the area who do great work.  When you look a little closer you will see the little things that make us all different.   I have a way of seeing things that is uniquely my own.  My life experiences have shaped how I see a wedding day unfolding in front of me, what details I notice and how I capture things.  I have learned to anticipate a moment before it happens, then be still and wait for it.

I am unobtrusive and pretty unflappable, so if the day gets stressful, I am able to be a calming influence.  With the exception of family formals and the bridal party photos, I am in the background, documenting real moments as they happen.   I do everything I can to melt into the background, letting the day continue to be all about you!!  If I see stress building I do what I can to bring things back down, whether that means offering up the sewing kit I always have on hand, giving a hungry groom a power bar, or reassuring the bride that her day is going to be amazing even if it keeps raining.

I do what I can to keep the day on time, stress-free, and fun!  You will see me smiling, offering posing tips, and fixing the fine details on your dress and hair.

I’ve learned a lot about the psychology of people on the wedding day and use that to make everyone as comfortable and happy as possible.  As an example, I know that the groomsmen really just want to get to the party, so I won’t keep them in front of my camera for any longer than necessary.  I also know that grandparents fade quickly, especially on a hot afternoon, so they are the first to be photographed during the family formals.

Also, I am not just your wedding photographer.  I know that while I’ve shot many weddings, this is all new to you, and I’m happy to offer advice on other parts of your day.  Have questions about the timeline?   Not sure who to hire for your hair and makeup? I’m happy to help!

Our reception hall is VERY dark.  Will I still get great photos?

I’m getting questions about challenging light more and more often these days, as people are starting to realize that knowing how to work in the dark (or even in extreme sun, for that matter) is not easy to do well.

Having the right equipment that can work effectively in tough lighting situations is important, but unless your photographer knows how to use it properly, your wedding images will still be mediocre at best.  

I have spent a lot of time mastering the craft and art of lighting, and I’ve worked in a lot of dark reception venues, inside and outdoors, so you can rest easy knowing that no matter where your reception is or how it is lit, if you hire me it will be beautifully photographed! Of course, I DO have all the equipment necessary to photograph in any lighting situation!  

The benefit for you is beautiful images in ANY lighting situation!

I love your work, but my wedding is nowhere near you. Will you travel for weddings?

Yes!  I love an adventure!  Check out my destination weddings in the portfolio to see where I’ve been recently, and contact me for more information.

What if our wedding date changes after we’ve booked you?

If your wedding date changes, and I’m available on your new date, the retainer would simply be transferred to the new date.  If I am not available on your new date, the retainer is non-refundable.  That said, if I am able to book a new couple for that date your retainer would be returned to you at that time.

What if you get sick on my wedding day?

I haven’t missed a wedding yet (knock on wood), and the situation would have to be severe for me to have to miss a wedding!!  That said, if something DID come up, I have a pretty great group of fellow photographers whom I know would step in and help.  And I would do the same for them.  Basically, I would do everything in my power to make sure you were covered!


Do you have a second photographer with you when you work?

I shoot alone almost all of the time.  I make sure I know how the flow of the wedding is going to go ahead of time and I know where I need to be at all times to get the shot I need.  Shooting solo allows me to be less obtrusive, provide more consistent work and lower my package costs. As you can see in the two first look images on the left, I’m like a ninja (lol), quick, quiet and able to get what I need!

However, some couples feel more comfortable knowing there are two photographers working to capture their wedding, and some weddings have a lot going on in different locations or a lot of guests. If this is you,  we can absolutely talk about adding a second photographer to your photography coverage!!!

Can we meet with you before making any decisions?

Absolutely!  In fact, coffee is on me!!  I would be more than happy to set up a coffee time with you simply to talk more about your wedding plans, and what you are looking for as far as wedding photography goes.  Choosing your photographer is a big decision.  Photography styles vary so it’s a good idea to make sure your vision lines up with what your photographer has to offer.  It’s also helpful to be comfortable with you photographer, since they are going to be around all day on your wedding 🙂

We want to book you!  What’s next?

Awesome! Click the “Get in Touch” button to send me the details.  Once we’ve confirmed my availability we can talk more about your wedding and work out the package details.  I’ll provide you with the contract and retainer details and we’ll make it all official.

Lisa Novakowski      250.320.4213    

Based in Kamloops, BC, Canada.  Available worldwide.