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Your work is more than just a building. More than angles, light fixtures and flooring choices.
You are creating a space where dreams become reality.


Business spaces.  Where you work.


Images that showcase the beauty of your space.


Clean. Crisp. Inviting.

Before + After

Looking at before and after images is always fun, right? Cameras still can’t take photos exactly the way the human eye sees (Nikon should get on that!) so, in the meantime, architectural photographers have to use post processing techniques to bring out all the nuances of shadow and light in an image.

Seeing where an image started compared to the finished product is fascinating (to me anyways!) so I thought I’d share a few 🙂

Each “After” was created from a whole series of photos taken of one subject at different exposures and with different lighting added to each shot to bring out the textures and shadows.

Each “Before” image is just one image from the series.

Simply move the slider left to right to see how the image changes.


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